Jyellowl of Issue 6 releases new album "Me n Me too" along with visuals


This will be the second body of work the Dublin rapper has released in the past year. Following 2017’s debut, Bulletproof; JyellowL released visuals for new single, Medusa, produced by non other than Dublin based producer/instrumentalist and Issue 6’s Chris Kabs. The track is very ambitious and has this line delivered repeatedly in the hook;

“this year, I’m coming for everything!”

Medusa more or less kicked off a couple of projects to follow in 2018 such as a single with South London “Aaron Unknown” called Oh Lawd. The vibrant and boppy track is an appreciation of everyone and everything both artists have in their lives and also how they would love to keep it that way. The hook is extremely catchy and includes quoteables such as;

“I know the things that mean a lot to me, I’ve been leaving how I ought to be.”

“ My people they have love for me, no buts. So what’s the point of living luxury with no love?”

Fast forward to last week, Oh Lawd would then be found in the 5 tracks, 22 mins album “Me n Me too” with every track produced by you guessed it; Chris Kabs. It would make sense that Oh Lawd made the list for an album called “Me n Me too” when the music video involves JyellowL dining with himself. Watch below

Me n Me too is also an album themed on the acceptance of self and everything around JyellowL . From our last interview with the Dublin rapper, it is clear that he is very much about the literature of the type of music he makes. One would address him a music literate. This plays well with the album cover. Noteable tracks include; True Colors, Yellow Summer and Unbroken Promise; an ode to his grandfather and a certain girl that was in his life. His grandfather passing away and the girl being no longer in his life meaning they are both “dead to him”. The track features amazing vocals from one of our favourites and Issue 4’s spotlight Tolu Makay. Me N Me too out now! Full listen here

The opening track is a perfect one for the album; Me n Me too freestyle features first of, an excellent haunting instrumental followed by the occasional run of keys. JyellowL does what he does best in this track and raps himself off. The music video is also themed towards the album concept “Me n Me too”. Check it out here

We sat down with the young upcoming rapper alongside producer Chris Kabs and discuss their shared ambition. full read in the latest Issue.