Jafaris and his team outdo themselves again with the visuals of “Found My Feet” released earlier this week.

Photography: Nathan Barlow

Photography: Nathan Barlow

The video was scheduled to drop on Thursday, 5th of July but Jafaris held a screening session the day before and I obtained an in-depth viewpoint from both Nathan Barlow, the visual recording and editing mastermind behind the video and of course Jafaris, the artist himself.

‘Found my Feet’  is a single off Jafaris’ upcoming album, which will most likely be released later this year. The single is a complicated mash of sounds that takes bits from Afrobeats, Rap, Funk, Jazz and Pop. The song is a positive song and could be taken as a celebration of the artist, as the name goes; finding his feet, finding his sounds and acknowledging the field he is in.

“I’ve found myself, I’ve come to the acknowledgement of what I want to do and how I want to do it. I want to show people that I’m really about this! I’m really trying to be successful in this field so I will do the best I can”

Jafaris says affirmatively.

The complex song would definitely call for a video of that calibre.

“Concept of the song was extremely radicle. It would just change constantly. It was really hard to put visuals on top of that.”

Nathan also mentions how the idea for the video had been worked on for a while;

“We wrote many different things from months back, we wanted to continue the storyline from the last video ‘If you love me’ where he was in a warehouse but it just couldn’t fit with the song.”

Though the video ideas were thought of a while back, they didn’t start working on it till 1-2 weeks prior to the release date and even at that, there was no solid idea at the time. The video we have before us doesn’t reflect something that only took 2 weeks, but it did!

Photography: Nathan Barlow

Photography: Nathan Barlow

“The song was just so complex that the only way to match the energy was to throw various crazy ideas at this as possible. Any idea we thought of as not possible, we still went ahead and did it”

Nathan mentions how they’d also make the lyrics match what was going on in the video at instances and Jafaris confirms this; “for example, the hook goes “I fly way too much my feet don’t touch the ground” and it has me in the air actually like, I am trying to get people to visualise all of that, all the content in the music”

I asked Jafaris what he felt about the music, video and basically the artistic vision behind it.

“We were trying to bring the sound to life, initially I was planning on getting the video to drop a few days after the song just so the song would have sometime to breed by itself, but once we came up with the idea for the video and it all started coming together, we were like ‘yo this video has to have its own life, has to be its own thing” he humbly continues “It’s a blessing I have Nathan beside me, because he is doing the same in his field, video and music match, we are both in the same stratosphere of thought”


Watch video here:

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