Issue 5: YomsTV and Uncle Ed

One of many-to-come Afro-Irish award ceremonies was hosted earlier this year by Dublin City University (DCU)’s Africa Society. The aim of the event was to recognise and award upcoming musicians, creatives, businesses and athletes in Ireland. The show not only promoted and awarded upcoming innovators; it also introduced London based comedians and Twitter sensations; YomsTV and Uncle Ed, to Dublin for the first time as hosts for the evening. 

The slight motif team talked to the comedians with the intention of gathering their thoughts and opinions about Ireland but ended up having a conversation on white people, girls in ireland and prejudice against bald people.

“I haven’t got to see all of it, but everything so far has been fun “ Yomz replies when asked what he thought about Ireland. This would be the most direct reply we got throughout the interview. Once the show was over, and we were able to get their attention through the midst of various fans scrambling to get pictures and videos with them.  

“There’s a lot of white people” Yomz continues about Ireland “but that’s alright, we’ve watched Get Out 2 twice so it’s alright”.

As there hasn't been a sequel to the movie released or even announced, he left us and his co-host a little confused. “2? Get-Out 2?” Uncle Ed interrupts to try correct him but Yomz confirms “Yes it’s coming, I am in it. Me [Yomz], Daniel Kaluuya, Michael B. Jordan, we are all in it you know what I’m saying? It’s coming 2019”.

Yomz and Uncle Ed arrived to Ireland on the day of the event so in all fairness, they probably wouldn't have seen much or had much to say but they had been active on their snapchat and instagram stories, especially Yomz. Yomz and Uncle Ed are breakthrough comedians of the digital era,with a lot of recognition and huge fanbase  coming from the Twitter community.

Yomz’s skits take on simple encounters highlighting relationships and reactions, usually ending in hilariously exaggerated and unexpected plot twists. Uncle Ed’s skits, on the other hand takes imitations of the black girl stereotype, fleshed out with antics between their significant other, in groups, and on snapchat and instagram. Both comedians,create ironic and satirical content that hilariously hold up a mirror (or selfie cam) to our pocket of society.

This wasn't the first time Yomz and Uncle Ed have worked outside their home of England; they were both in Scotland this year for a show they never got to really explaining to us. They both became familiar faces on social media, specifically twitter around the same period of time, so it begged the question of whether or not they knew each other at the time; and enabled the other's popularity on social media. Yomz and Uncle Ed looked at each other as I ask the question and both exclaim at the same time. “Wanna tell the story?” Uncle Ed asks and Yomz replies

“I didn’t like him, if I’m being real. Like I saw his work, then when I actually met him, I thought he was a prick”.

Uncle Ed confirms “I was, I was” and Yomz continues “But, we join forces and kinda found out that we had a similar idea that we wanted to create, which is a dating show”. When asked about the dating show they both exclaimed once more and Yomz says “Listen, all I want to say about the dating show is that it’s the best dating show ever!” Uncle Ed then continues “I'm not even saying that cause we made it  but it’s nothing in contention”. The method they both adopted towards hosting the award show would fit well in a dating show if I do say so myself so it would only make sense that these two would have something of those sorts in the works. The boys talk about problems involving executing the dating show and settling on the release date in their way of communicating; “Lawyers have got us like legit, guys if you want to make a proper show and do stuff properly, you would have to sort out the legal side of things, we can’t reveal too much but I promise you it’s the best dating show ever.”

The interview shifts from there. Yomz played on having insecurities about his hair and kept claiming that he was bald, and that was his reason  for always wearing a durag. We've seen his hair in older videos, the days before he was Durag-Papi; it was pretty full and very visible. “I’m bald bro. I’m bald” Yomz says in a sad tone and Uncle Ed jumps in “ Can I say something? You lot are being racist.

What’s wrong with being bald? I don’t like the discrimination towards people with no hair”

Uncle Ed continues “I have a receding hairline, you get me?”. Charles of Slight Motif asked if we could see this receding hairline since he was hiding it under a flat cap and Uncle Ed replies “Who’s this guy?” in a disgusted tone. Yomz adds to the confrontation  “Can we see your face?” Charles wears glasses - you can make out where they were going with that. They both got humorously colourful with their language on that topic from here.

In an effort to bring it back to the point of the interview, we direct a question at Uncle Ed as to what he liked about Dublin. Yomz interrupts with “the women!” and jumps off, we can only assume to attend to the mob of waiting fans. “What can I say about Dublin?” Uncle Ed replies, “It’s different from Northern Ireland I guess”.

So what did we gain from this interview?

-Certainly not a detailed insight into their opinions about Dublin, Ireland. What we did get, was privy knowledge that  they have a dating show coming up. And yes we said privy- did you know about it before reading this? Cool.

Also from this interview, we can confirm that they are both as funny in person as they are on their social media accounts. We wouldn't be opposed in the slightest to welcoming them back to the Island.