BOYCHILD: A play by Spoken word artists FeliSpeaks and Dagogo Hart

Following the success of SeeTrue, we find FeliSpeaks and Dagogo Hart hosting yet another live show; BOYCHILD, at The New Theatre.


BOYCHILD is said to be a story of a boy trying to be a better man than his father. The play is set in Lagos, Nigeria. It explores the life of the modern day man who comes to terms with his masculinity and how it relates to the females in his life.

Other familiar names and faces in the cast of the show include Tolu Makay of Issue 4 and Ayo Esther James from Yang Theory Podcast of Issue 2

The show starts tonight and can be seen in the same location during the rest of the week with Thursday already being sold out. More details and tickets purchasable below:

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