"In my darkest hour I felt incredible pangs of guilt when the people closest to me did everything they could to offer help. Which is wrong, so for this song I try to swap guilt for gratitude." 

In his debut single, Matt Ó from Tebi Rex discusses what he describes as his darkest mental patch to-date; and blends this with an infectious sound produced by Chris Kabs. Still in his early twenties, Matt struggles with the common issues of his generation - but in receipt of help, he realised that his instinct was to deal with it alone was silly. "It's best to let your guard down and take the help where you can get it. Honestly, when you see how much the people close to you care.." 

With a very fitting title, enjoy Matt Ó's catchy new ditty. Lovely. 

In our last issue, we caught up with Matt and Max as TebiRex aswell as Chris Kabs and Jyellowl. Full read below