New music from Jyellowl of Issue 6 and a Headline Show in London.

Jyellowl @ Chris Kabs studio  shot by Tobi Irein

Jyellowl @ Chris Kabs studio

shot by Tobi Irein

JYellowL has been curating his style fusing a mixture of his Jamaican and Nigerian roots. His latest single “Ozone” boasts a psychedelic mix that puts his vocals just out of reach of the listener, but his sharp lyricism and hard-hitting rhymes pulls the listener straight back in. In Slight Motif’s eyes, “Ozone” tells the story of a strong-willed and independent person telling their own story whilst detailing the practicality of the human spirit telling listeners that “anything is possible once you put your mind to it” but tells them to prove this for themselves and not to take Jyellowl’s word for truth. This marks a new chapter for the Dublin based artist into the headstrong and personality-driven apace of European hip-hop. Listen below

Currently partnered with the Dutch label “Gentlemen Recordings”, JYellowL has shifted his focus on the international stage. With ideas of world domination in mind, JYellowL will be repping the rapidly growing Irish scene on the 15th of June in the Macbeth of Hoxton in London. Follow the link in this post to book your tickets now to see this artist in his element. 

We caught up with both Jyellowl and Chris Kabs last year on Issue 6 to talk ambition in Chris Kabs humble abode. full read below.