"Don't talk to me now" by Uppbeat out now!

Uppbeat  shot by Bobby Zithelo


shot by Bobby Zithelo

Uppbeat, of Issue 7, teams up with videographer, Nathan Sheridan to take you on a trip into the West of Ireland delivering a very atmospheric and abstract visual for his third single from the EP “Enter Aquarius”

The video captures the beauty of the artist home county ; Mayo and is full of visual metaphors as detailed as his previous video for Tsunami.

“ Each shot is like a painting that can be discussed and contemplated. For example the scene where I’m lying on a canvas with paint dripping on him suggests there is still work in progress and I’m not a 100% sure of where this path will take me”.

Although the song is strong and confident Uppbeat is full of conflicting thoughts he is running away from fears and responsibilities which are depicted in the form of car headlights. He is in a state of contemplation referring to his subject in the video; Multiple medal winning acrobatic champion and dancer Chloe Jones Bradley .

Enter Aquarius out now;

We caught up with Uppbeat two months ago on Issue 7 to talk his latest EP; Enter Aquarius. Full read below