Slight Motif Issue 7

The first Issue of the year eventually had to drop sometime. This one had been in discussion since November with alongside a lot more other projects. Hope the CVC motif made up for this long wait. Many more motifs to be announced much later. A huge chunk of Issue 7 occured in one weekend; Feb 16-18th. This issue has us creating amazing visuals and graphics for our spotlight act; Lydia Eisha, that it had to be the cover, the first of its kind. We had been in touch with the artist since Why-Axis of Issue 5 introduced her to us in Airplane Mode. Lydia’s interview and shoot occurred on the same day, right after our shoot and the video interview with the 090 boys Reggie & Cubez; Class 090, except this time, a write up on the whole day from the perspective of Lily Lee. A Feb Motif, with Blackfish occurred a day before the two shoots. We did a quick interview with the collective and got shots during their performances. On the last day of that weekend, we linked up with Dublin based rapper, Finn Costelloe, or Uppbeat, to talk his recent album release; Enter Aquarius. Photographers corner this year features the work of Joshua Mulholland. We have been meaning to involve blog posts and blog personalities in our issues so we hit up, Dublin based blogger; Bukola Veronica to do her thing. Well-renowned recording and mixing engineer, Simba Bianchi talks ability to focus being an artist and a producer, his plans for 2019 and some of the messy dealings he has in the studio. To sign off, I want to thank every single act we’ve worked with. Thank you for your willingness to do whatever crazy concept we had for you, for your professionalism and the amazing content we hope you continue to make. Stay tuned.